What are the Differences between Dog Beds?

Searching for the best dog bed for your dog or puppy is not an easy task given that there are countless of it available on the market. So what makes one bed better or worse than other? Don’t worry, we’re going to tell you the information you have to tell the best from the not so good and find that ideal dog bed for your dog that they will love and most importantly utilize.

In hunting for the right dog bed size, countless factors must be observed. You need to know these aspects before you begin your search so that you can definitely find the best dog bed for your dog.  Sizes of dog beds comes from extra small to a huge size of beds. They also have weight tips listed in the descriptions also, which is why it is important to know these stats on your own dog. We’ve outlined the most typical styles so you can know the difference between them. Each of these beds has its shares of pros and cons.

The Standard Dog Bed
– Standard dog beds appear like big square pillows.  It comes with numerous sizes and some of it also has zipper cover for simpler laundry since dogs are too sloppy most of the time. Standard dog bed does not have “edges”  so this is great for dogs who likes making some stretches.

Heated Dog Beds – For dogs who likes to curl up while resting, these types of beds are ideal for them as it is enclosed with perimeter walls. This will work as your perfect choice when you think that your dog loves an enclosed area. They are typically oval instead of perfectly round that provides more space inside the “nest”. But, if your dog is quiet big, its not perfect for them since they cannot stretch and move from side to side unless if their smaller.

Kennel or Crate Beds – Crate training is a lot more well-known now that years long ago, nowadays, you can observe how dogs love to stay in here as they never left even the door is open. There are beds accessible that fit right into the dog crates and keep the dog from sleeping on the hard surface. These kennel or crate beds could have water-resistant material and make their crates a lot more special to them.

dog_on_dog_bedOrthopedic Beds – Orthopedic beds are significantly beneficial for senior dogs. Orthopedic bed for dogs are the same with the orthopedic bed for human being. Dogs with joint aches from dysplasia or arthritis is the ideal user of this bed since this is made for such. Just like what human orthopedic beds are made from, most dog orthopedic beds are created from memory foam.  Memory foam beds are not only for senior dogs and starting your dog out on one could be great for them long term.  If you opt to go for memory foam, make certain that you decide on those that comes with high density and thickness foam as well as warranty to ensure that you have guarantee in case of flattening.

Dog Couch – When you can see that your dog is more interested in “human” furniture than their own dog bed, you may want to try purchasing them a dog coach. These adorable little furniture are just like miniatures of the real ones and ideal for your dogs however your children might like them too. You can choose from various options of coach in the market from simple cushion down to coaches with pillows and wooden legs. Nonetheless, these are not great for senior dogs simply because its not easy to get on to so they may fall from it.